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ColourPop Collab | Laura Lee Los Angeles x NKLA


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ColourPop Collab | Laura Lee Los Angeles x NKLA

Laura Lee

In November 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with ColourPop and NKLA (No Kill LA) to create a collection that would help support their amazing cause. ColourPop does a collaboration every year with NKLA, and I was honored to be chosen and the 2017 collaboration.





In the collaboration, I created 4 Supershock shadows and 3 different lippies for everyone to create amazing looks and to rock their looks. Through my collaboration, I created the entire collection from every piece and each color.

Neither I nor ColourPop receive any profit from this collaboration. All the money receive goes to NKLA to help with their cause. On ColourPop’s website, they have a collaboration every year with different collections and colors where the money is donated to NKLA. 

The collaboration with ColourPop and NKLA is a cause I hold dear to my heart. NKLA, or No Kill LA, is an initiative led by Best Friends Animal Society, which is an organization that strives to end the killing of cats and dogs in shelters. All of my cats are shelter animals, and I’ve always had shelter animals. I’m always encouraging others to adopt, not shop.  In my video I had posted on my YouTube channel just before the collaboration release, I go into detail about NKLA, as well as show footage from the shelter I visited.

In 2012, 57.7% of cats and dogs made it out of shelters alive. NKLA and Best Friends Animal Society figured that 18,000 cats and dogs were put down. In 2016, that number decreased and only 3,236 animals were put down. By January of last year, NKLA predicted the save rate had increased by 90.4%.

Numbers like this change and improve because of things that organization like ColourPop do. They raise awareness for this cause, and by raising money and awareness, they can make a huge difference for these animals.

The one I had visited in Los Angeles had save 3,039 baby kittens, and guess who was one of those kittens?

2018-01-21 (2).png

That’s right! My little Peach had been one of those kittens.

If you plan on getting a pet, I highly suggest stopping at a shelter. The animals you meet and see are so hard not to fall in love with. You just want to give them all homes. But, look around at the cats and dogs. Then, when you’re ready, think about which one you want to take home. Instead of purchasing from puppy mills, I encourage everyone to adopt from shelters.

The eyeshadow bundle is still for sale on ColourPop, but the lippies have been sold out! I encourage everyone to make a difference through ColourPop and this amazing collaboration. Remember, ColourPop and I don’t profit from the palette, and all the money goes to NKLA to help their shelters.