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Beauty, makeup, fashion, lifestyle blog by Laura Lee of Laura88lee youtube.

Best and Worst Beauty Hacks


New and latest beauty and makeup blog post by Laura Lee of Laura88lee youtube.

Best and Worst Beauty Hacks

Laura Lee

Hey Guys here’s a quick blog post on my latest video Best and Worst Beauty Hacks. If you would rather watch the video its posted right below other wise keep scrolling and enjoy! 


When shade matching your foundation a common mistake is using your face to do so, but actually the best way to get the shade to match is to test the combination on your neck area. The reason for this is to be sure when you are shade matching you are matching for your face and body. This will give you an overall even look.


Believe it or not people have been known to make clay facial mask out of cat litter due to very similar ingredients in both products, however cat litter comes with deodorizers and other chemicals within them which is definitely not safe for your face. There are tons of affordable clay face masks out on the market, please stick to those.


Shaving your legs is such a pain, but if you choose to shave them with a conditioner instead of a shaving cream it will soften the hairs on your legs and make them easier to cut for a nice smooth close shave. It also gives you the added benefit of moisturizing the skin on your legs.


Creating a DIY coffee self tanner sounds like an easy good idea, but when actually creating this messy disaster it can become a pain. Coffee is totally safe to put on your skin however if you're going to attempt to make a stain out of it, it is near impossible to get an even coat and it is extreamly messy especially if you add water.


When self tanning try applying Vaseline to the elbows and knees areas, the spots where self tanner tends to cling. The Vaseline hydrates those areas and helps prevent the tanner from soaking up in these areas, this way you get a nice even tan.


It’s easy to make mistakes when applying a self tanner, but you definitely don't want to use a magic eraser to remove the mistakes. Cleaning products are not subject to the same testings as skin care products. They have many chemicals in them that can be harmful to your skin.


Creating your own leave in conditioner is super easy all you have to do is fill a spray bottle up with water and add a dash of conditioner and shake well! Spritz the ends of your hair to make your rat nest ;) manageable and easy to brush out. Avoid the roots of your hair this way you don't have greasy hair throughout the day.


I love to laugh at this one! Applying eyeliner to a lash curler then curling your lashes has failed me in many ways. I've never been able to get the liner on my eye line and even if I did there is no way it would turn out good! If you have any suggestions to make this one work don't hesitate to comment down below. We would all love to know.


Want matte nail polish? All you have to do is add a little cornstarch in with your top coat of nail polish and like magic your nail polish will become matte. Be sure not to add too much cornstarch or it will become clumpy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 11.15.26 AM.png

OK we're all guilty of this one. Pesky pimple? Just pierce it squeeze and forget it, but the bacteria on the surface of the skin seeps into the open wound that you have created and the pimple will then becomes worse or infected. It's best to just apply and acne treatment on top of the problem area, and as hard as it may be leave that area alone.


Applying self tanner is a major pain, time-consuming, and impossible to get an even coat. The Body Blender was created for make up on the body. But I personally like to use it to apply tanner. My self tanner has never looked smoother and I'm able to apply it much faster. I love this product it's a beauty hack within itself!

I hope you guys enjoyed and Thanks for reading! xo Laura