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Must Have Makeup Brushes


New and latest beauty and makeup blog post by Laura Lee of Laura88lee youtube.

Must Have Makeup Brushes

Laura Lee

Hey Larlee's, you ask and you shall receive. Here are my must have makeup brushes!! Every kit needs these brushes or some form of them. Seriously they are the BEST! You know the old saying good makeup often comes from good tools. And for me makeup brushes are an investment. If you buy the right ones they can last you for years to come! I hope you enjoy xo - Laura 


Morphe Brushes **Use code LAURALEE for $$ off!

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This little guy is a new friend of mine. I love this brush for multiple reasons, bronzing up the face ( not contour) blush and even highlight. It's kind of an all in one face brush and you defiantly need him in your life! 

Morphe Brushes **Use code LAURALEE for $$ off!


Sigma F80

The world famous F80! Sigma's most sold brush, and for a good reason! It's my go-to for applying foundation or BB creams. You NEED this baby in your kit for a flawless finish!


Sigma F40

This friend is good for applying blush to the cheek and applying powder contour. I love multi use brushes! 


Sigma F35

I've used the F35 for 5 years now. If you want your highlight on fleek this will be your best friend in doing so. It is small enough to pop that highlight on the upper cheek bones without the product disbursing everywhere on your face!


Morphe E50 and Sigma F77

For your creams and/or powders these two come in handy.The Morphe E50 does a beautiful job in blending out the contour in specific areas. You don't want a big powder brush to blend the product out because when contouring you want to strategically place the product in certain areas on your face to give dimension while also getting a blended look. But be sure not to move the product around too much. The E50 is the man for the job! The Sigma F77 is great for blending out product as well. I especially like it for creating that soft line under the cheek bone to slim the face!

Morphe Brushes **Use code LAURALEE for $$ off!


Sigma F86

I Iove this kabuki to blend out my concealer. It is my go-to and does the job the quickest.  


ABH #12

 This is THE BRUSH for the dip brow pomade. Everyone need this or something very similar in their brush collection. 





You need me for PERFECT precise winged liner. 


You need me to blend out the lower lash line. I help keep the product close to the lash line but still blended.


You need me to carve out the brows, apply eye primer, or actually use me for what I was made for.. applying concealer.


You need me to pack on shadow to the lid. I will help intensify colors. 


 THE BEST of all eyeshadow brushes! I will blend your eyeshadows to the heavens and back. I am the perfect size not to move the shadow around too much, but I still get the blending job done. 


If you have large lids I am your best blender. Also I soften any eyeshadow look. 


Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe to this blog via email. xo Laura