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Hi Dolls!! Thank you so much for coming and supporting my first blog post. This is very new to me so be sure to let me know what you think! I would love to know what you guys are looking for out of these blog posts. And don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to stay connected. I may be doing a blog subscriber only giveaway in the near future for my dedicated supporters. Enjoy loves!

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Recently I received the NightLife collection by Camila Coelho X Sigma Beauty and felt you guys needed a review. The Collection is super pigmented and great for a night out look, this is not going to be your everyday makeup collection , but to spice up your night out appearance! xo

Nightlife Palette:

I LOVE the look of the Camila’s nightlife palette. It's perfect for a night out look. The color are super pigmented, as come to be expected by Sigma, and the arrangement of colors in the palette are great for a colorful smokey eye. However, if you in the market for a new neutral palette this is not going to be the one! Although the palettet does include a few shades of neutral, the main focus of this pallet is the brighter shades, giving it the luminous nightlife feel. On that note I appaude Camila and Sigma. There are TONS and TONS of neutrals eyeshadow palette on the market, so it’s amazing to me that Camila went on a different path when creating this palette with Sigma Beauty. 

Sigma Brushes

(Let me start by saying I bought two Sigma Brushes in the beginning of my Youtube/ Makeup Career about 3 years ago, and those brushes are still going strong! The quality of a Sigma Brush is insane!)

  • F40 Large Angled Contour:  Personally this is my favorite Blush Brush from sigma Beauty It picks up lots of product easily and blends it nicely on the face. 
  • E15 Flat Definer: This type of brush I love to use when applying an eyeshadow close to my lower lashes. It’s also great for smoking out the upper lash line. This brush has so many uses.
  • F35 Tapered Highlighter: I LOVE THIS BRUSH! This happens to be one of the brushes I bought in the beginning. A must have brush everyone needs it in there collection. A real gem for applying your highlighter “Highlight on fleek.’’ (Can’t believe autocorrect doesn’t recognize that word yet! Get it together Apple!;)) It’s also great for apply setting powder to your under eye area to keep that concealer in place.
  • E55 Eye Shading: This brush is use for blending out the lower lash line and for apply shadow to the outer corner of the eye.
  • E25 Blending: And finally the Holy Grail for applying eyeshadow!  The one brush I can’t do my eyeshadow without! Used for blending creases, applying transition shade, and packing on color, this baby does it all! Probably my all time favorite brush so I was happy to see it was added in this collection. I use it to death and it is a deffinate MUST HAVE!

-  Did I forget to mention these brushes have glitter handles! OMG!! They are black but covered in glitter this made me so so happy. They are stunning! 

Hot Spot Powder Blush and LimeLight Bronzer:

LimeLight Bronzer:

The LimeLight Bronzer is a nice cool toned bronzer. It’s not my favorite item for the reason that it is almost the same color as my skin tone, so it doesn’t really work for me. However, it is super soft and creamy and very pigmented.

Hot Spot Powder Blush:

 I Love the blush its beautiful coral color is very pigment and super creamy however we are transitioning into the Fall month so i’ll probably be save this shade for the spring! 

Aftetglow Liquid Highlight:

 I love how they incorporated a highlight into the collection. It is SOO beautiful and some what subtle. It’s a liquid highlight so I recommend blending it out with the tips of you fingers! (Quick beauty tip: I typically apply liquid highlight and then apply a powder highlight on top to add more LIGHT.) The highlight has a wonderful glow finish.

Dance Till Dawn Lipstick

This lipstick is very versatile product. It’s a nice mauve cool toned pink. Great color for pairing with multiple eye looks. It’s not matte but I would refer to it as a semi Matte because it is not too glossy either. Very Pigmented, defiantly not a sheer.

In Fine Feather Lip Liner:

 The liner color matches the Lipstick PERFECTLY so they are a great combo. However the lipstick didn't seem to run so I don’t think the liner is mandatory but it beautiful paired with the lipstick. 

Eclipse and Festa Double Ended Liner:

This is a fun way to play out your liner looks. You get the black, awesome for smoking it out and filling in the water line then you get the pop of purple, if you want to have some fun and change up you makeup look. They are both a soft Khol Liner and Sigma has master the art of color pay off! 

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